Running out of fuel while you are still in a journey sucks, doesn't it? Amino Acids are the fuel that keeps your hair growth going in your lifetime. And we don't want to end up turning bald do we? So grab a checklist and note down the following amino acids so that you make your way through the finish line without losing hair.

Before we proceed to the list, it is imperative to know that amino acids are the simplest form of proteins in our body. The substance responsible for hair growth is called keratin, which itself is a protein as well. To provide stability and strength to the hair, hair follicles must be sufficiently supplied with amino acids so that keratin can be produced in the required amount. Maybe now it’s clear to you that why amino acids are the fuel to keep your hair growth running. 


Are there a few strands of hair in your hand every time you stroke your hair? Needless to say, you need cysteine. This particular Amino Acid is produced naturally by our bodies and significantly aids in anchoring the hair, strengthening its position in the follicles. Its supply guarantees stronger hair as it carries sulfur, an element essential to hair strength, to the hair cells. Eggs, milk, chicken and sausage meat are what you are looking for to improve cysteine growth in the body.


Just like cysteine, methionine will improve your hair strength, but only even better than cysteine. You guessed it right; Methionine is a rich source of sulfur due to its chemical composition. As we discussed earlier, sulfur mainly contributes towards hair strength. Not only hair strength, but it also adds towards the texture and look of the hair making this amino acid a useful tool for the beauty conscious. Methionine is also known to stop premature hair loss. Cereals, fish and sesame seeds are good sources of Methionine.


The first two amino acids cater to the needs of people who are looking towards reducing hair loss. However, we do realize that some people might already be suffering from this problem for a long time. Arginine is the answer to that problem. Over time, due to implications of aging, arginine levels fall in our body. Its relationship with a production of nitric oxide is the link to better hair growth. Nitric oxide contributes to vasodilation process, which enables the blood to circulate from near the follicles, giving necessary nutrients for hair growth. Arginine is also known to catalyze the process of production of hair follicles. Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, peanuts, and hazelnut, are all rich sources of Arginine.

The intake of these three amino acids on a regular basis will help you combat hair growth for as long as it takes! They are not bound by age, society or any external factor for that matter. What is it dependent on? It’s dependent on whether you start taking the diet that produces them. So it goes without saying, start now!