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You want to go on and hit the century? Living up to 100 years? While we might not be sure about whether how long we have to live but it is a positive step to take care of common health problems that face us as we grow old. Prostate enlargement and prostate cancer are two undesired diseases that no man would want to face due to its horrible implications. But let nature fight itself because aging is natural and so is saw palmetto, the ultimate cure for the above-mentioned prostate problems.

Retire the dead tire! Oh wait but we are humans, we can't possibly retire our body parts, but we surely can help keep them healthy. With aging, our zinc levels might reduce, blood vessels might start to weaken, and various hormonal changes might occur, all right reasons for a disease called benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH); a condition in which there is an enlarged prostate. Due to proximity on prostate and urethra, the swelling of prostate causes the urethra to squeeze leading to bladder infections and stones. The situation seems grim but doesn't worry; we have seen palmetto. This natural herb has a specific chemical structure that stops testosterone, a hormone, from reacting with prostate cells. How is this achieved? Well, testosterone is first converted into a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Research has shown that DHT is a leading cause of having an enlarged prostate in men and saw palmetto extract holds the ability to put conversion of testosterone into DHT to a halt. Since there is the lesser amount of DHT produced due to saw palmetto, this inhibits the growth of prostate cells and in turn putting a full stop to the problem of an enlarged prostate.

Well, they say nothing can buy experience, it's entirely accurate. Usually, an enlarged prostate becomes the sole reason for developing prostate cancer. This happens because the synthetic medication has a plethora of side-effects and prostate cancer is one of them. Does that mean you don't treat your enlarged prostate? Not really, all you have to do is to revert to a natural solution in the form of saw palmetto. Not only will it solve your prostate problems but it will also help with other problems such as urine leakage and impotence as well. Various studies have given proof that saw palmetto's properties have enabled it to destroy prostate cancer-bearing cells and other potential harmful cells as well. An added benefit to men of all ages is that consumption of this natural herb optimizes the testosterone levels in men. As testosterone is the male sexual hormone, its proper levels in body ensure that your sexual drive remains perfect. Not only this, but it also helps in reducing weight, managing strength, and hair loss among males.

Saw palmetto is the key to so many problems, and you might not have seen it coming. If you want the best for yourself, then consume a healthy dose of saw palmetto extracts to ensure you don't face prostate problems, especially when you are about to score the century.

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