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Have you ever wondered that how Usain Bolt, an Olympic gold medalist and the fastest known man alive on earth, managed to run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds? Well, he was not born that way, but he sure made his way up to becoming the fastest man alive. If you want to succeed as a runner as well, this article will help you immensely because these supplements will help you bolster your performance level, endurance, and health.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Ring a bell? The vital mineral found in Apples is Iron, which helps produce hemoglobin in the body. Hemoglobin is a protein responsible for delivering oxygen to all parts of the body, and if this is not done, our muscles feel fatigued. This hinders any physical activity as you lose your breath even while doing minimal running over short distances. As a runner, it is advisable that you take sufficient iron intake so that your feet and body help you achieve better performance. 

Whey Protein:

This particular protein is a liquid that is extracted during the cheese making process. For runners with tired muscles, it's a boon because it is rapidly consumed by the body and delivered into the bloodstream. As athletes go for long runs with a heavy workout routine, a regular dosage of whey protein will help deal with the after effects of muscle stress because this protein helps build muscles and strengthens them. You can consume whey protein via protein shakes or pills.


Wasn't caffeine supposed to be a harmful substance? Not really! Perhaps it is one of the most commonly used materials by runners. Caffeine is a stimulant which stimulates our central nervous system which in turn gives us an instant boost of energy. Runners consume caffeine to cope with vigorous training routines. An added benefit of caffeine is that it provides mental sharpness which can be a plus point for athletes in maintaining their strategy. Tea and Coffee are two rich sources of caffeine, which if included in diet can produce better results on the running tracks.


If you are a runner, then you should not be afraid of falling. Calcium intake will significantly improve your endurance because our body consumes this mineral to strengthen our bones and muscles both. In other words, it extends the life of our bones and muscles, and we become resistant to fractures and muscle strains. Athletes require consistency and for consistency, endurance is the key. Make sure you drink ample of milk or just take 1000mg calcium daily via supplements. 


Last but not the least, creatine is known to be the most important supplement for runners. Creatine energizes all of our body's cells to give maximum output. The more energy a runner will have, the greater will be the ability to exert the body to gain top speed. All the athletes are interested in gaining lean muscle mass and creatine does the same.  

All you need is a pair of legs and the supplements mentioned above to become a great runner and win every competition. It's a fast world, and you need to become faster to compete! Make a diet chart now including these five supplements and make your way to becoming the best.

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Have you ever wondered that how Usain Bolt, an Olympic gold medalist and the fastest known man...

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