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Are you a cheese-lover who can't consume much of it due to its dangerous effects on your heart? It is quite understandable because many people with heart problems face this dilemma almost every day. If you are in love with the taste of cheese, then we have the perfect thing for you that will keep your tastebuds, and your heart satisfied simultaneously. We are talking about Nattokinase, food which is formed after fermenting soy beans by the use of living bacteria known as Bacillus Subtilis. In essence, Nattokinase is not just merely the name of the dish; it is the name of a resulting enzyme after soybeans are boiled in the presence of the bacteria. Apart from its cheese-like flavor, it has innumerable benefits on our health.

If you are acquainted with Biology, you might have guessed that this food belongs to the ‘Kinase' group. Instead is a serine protease. Chemical structure of serine protease is of great significance to the human body as they are known to regulate blood coagulation, the immune system, and the digestive system. Its benefits are because is a naturally occurring enzyme called Plasmin. When we get bruises, and there is blood loss, clumps of Fibrin (Naturally occurring protein) form to stop the blood.  This is a good thing, isn't it? Fibrin is good if it is restricted to perform this function only. Sometimes it can form clots within our vessels too causing the blood pressure to alter. This is when plasmin takes charge and destroys these clots. The problem is that plasmin only lasts until a particular time. The fact that nattokinase resembles plasmin enables it to perform its function as well. This is of immense importance to people who suffer from chronic chest pains and cardiovascular diseases because the primary cause of such diseases is the blockage of vessels that supply blood to the heart. Once nattokinase removes these harmful clogs, your heart is guaranteed to have a longer life. Not only your heart but people suffering from varicose veins also benefit as this enzyme helps regulate the blood circulation. Anti-aging is another virtue of this enzyme. Vitamin B2 is known to have tremendous anti-aging effects. Since nattokinase is a rich source of vitamin B2 along with proteins, it helps our skin to remain young and healthy. Not only does it impact aging directly but also relieves us from other effects of aging. Osteoporosis, for instance, the disease in which our bones lose their density and become fragile, is curtailed due to vitamin K2 present in nattokinase. It helps keep our hair follicles healthy even when we get really old protecting us from hair loss. Owing to its aforementioned benefits, nattokinase helps us feel strong and healthy, giving us a similar sensation as that of when we were young.

It seems as if nattokinase is the perfect fix for your heart and aging problems but there are strings attached to it. Many believe that there are no serious side-effects of this enzyme, but we cannot entirely rely on this statement as it has certain properties and excess dosage can apparently cause problems. Usually, for blood thinning purposes doctors recommend drugs such as aspirin. If you are already taking aspirin, then don't use nattokinase because both will do the same job, thinning your blood more than required. This can lead to fatal results such as brain hemorrhage. Furthermore, due to its anti-clotting property, it may cause excessive blood flow during surgeries which may even result in death. Nattokinase lowers blood pressure so people who are already suffering from low blood pressures should not take it as it will only worsen the case. People deficient of blood are also advised not to take this supplement for the same reason. Last but not the least, healthy individuals and pregnant women should abstain from the use of nattokinase as it might damage the natural process of our body. 

Several natural herbal medicines in the market can achieve similar results. How is nattokinase different? It is recommended by many doctors due to its prompt and rapid response towards the human body. However, it is better to consume this in the packaged product rather than producing it via fermentation of soybeans at home because packaged product has a fixed composition. Depending on your current health the doctor will vary your dose. Many people face the dilemma of using such remedies since they are not like other medical products but in the light of the numerous advantages that Nattokinase holds, it is a good recommendation for people who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases and want to look young. If you don’t believe us, go right away and check it for yourself!

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