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Apple pectin is the backbone to the saying that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". It is the one solution to many of your health problems. Pectin is a highly soluble fiber naturally found in many fruits and vegetables. Apples, in particular, contain significant amounts of pectin. This fiber is a benediction from nature to mankind because of the health benefits it holds. We will discuss how pectin brings about these benefits.

Cholesterol Control:

Tired of taking cholesterol control pills? Why don't you revert to natural solutions? Yes, the apple pectin will control your increasing cholesterol levels. As it is a water-soluble fiber, it intervenes in the process of cholesterol absorption in the blood stream by chemically bonding with cholesterol in the gut. The chances of cholesterol accumulation in blood vessels decrease when apple pectin prevents it from entering the bloodstream leaving the blood pressure unaltered and kept your heart safe from any dangerous heart disease.


Because pectin is a fiber, it is the best fix for all the digestive system problems. By binding with harmful fatty substances using its high solubility, it helps the gastrointestinal tract perform its function without any trouble. Owing to its ability to remove toxic substances from our body, it improves our digestive health. Furthermore, pectin solidifies stool and increases its volume. All of the aspects mentioned above of apple pectin directly contribute in saving us from Diarrhea.

Cancer Treatment:

In case you are wondering, yes, this fascinating fiber even reduces the spread of cancer. How does it manage that? There is a logical explanation behind it. Since it is highly soluble, it binds with a protein called galectin-3 which is responsible for the growth of tumors. Galectin-3 allows the spread of cancer by shifting infected cancer cells from one place in the body to other. Apple pectin diffuses with this protein keeping you safe from the spread of disease.

Regulates Blood Sugar:

Are you too sweet? Well, too much sugar in your blood is not good for your health. Pectin will help regulate the blood in your sugar to ensure you don't suffer from diseases such as diabetes. This fiber decreases the rate of enzyme activity that breaks starch into sugar in our bodies. Consequently, absorption of sugars into blood is reduced keeping the blood sugar level in safe range.

Weight Control:

Once again the water soluble property of pectin comes to save the day as it binds with water to form a wet gel-like structure in our stomach, keeping us feel full. Due to this, we do not eat in excess which leads to weight control. Pectin is also considered to burn fat and to keep sugar levels low, both of these factors help lose weight. 

Apple pectin is the best natural remedy for serious problems like heart disease, obesity, diarrhea and even cancer. Perhaps an apple a day is what has required after all. Make sure you grab a bite of this tasty fruit every day. 

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